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Slow Love started with a simple question. How do we reclaim some of the authentic closeness of our relationships in the digital era? How do we nurture real intimacy with the people we have GROWN to love over distance, time, and through the fog of distraction?


The answer is equally simple; it’s the little things we do authentically and with intention that feed closeness. It is paper. It is a pencil. It is a small gesture that says, “I was thinking of you.”


Slow Love is a handwritten note to a friend. Slow Love is the feeling you get when you rediscover that note years later and see your friend's handwriting. Slow Love is taking a moment and making it everlasting.

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We walk you through 12 different writing prompts to help you develop a note writing habit.

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Pocket notebooks in a rainbow of colors, perfect to keep on hand to write a note every time your friend is on your mind.

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