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Being loved by you 12/12

Welcome to prompt 12! If you have been following along and writing each prompt - CONGRATULATIONS! I am positive that you have brightened someone’s day and made them feel loved! If you haven’t put pen to paper yet (or consistently), maybe this is the one! No pressure, just encouragement.

I would love to hear how it went for you. Your feedback on what felt good and what was challenging helps us (this baby business) find our way, direct our messaging, and make our products tools for easy and meaningful connection.

Here we go, today’s prompt:

I’ve been thinking about being loved by you

Really, it is what we have been doing all along. What all our notes have been circling around. So today we get direct. What does it feel like to be loved by the person you are writing to? What does it mean to be on this end of your relationship? Take your time with this one. Imagine your person. Close your eyes and see them. What do you feel when you see their face? What do you lean on them for? What do they bring into your life? When you long for their love, what is it you are longing for?

Honestly, for most people the answers to these questions will feel ambiguous. Love isn’t really tangible after all. But once you have that feeling in your body, maybe you can remember moments you felt that. Maybe you know that this person makes you feel light and joyful. Maybe it is deep support and care. Maybe it is the way they challenge you to grow and change, but in a loving and encouraging way. Maybe they show their love in ways that you never question their feelings. Maybe the reason you chose them to write notes to these past twelve weeks is because you want them to feel what it means to be loved by you in return.

I am honored you have taken time out of your days over the past weeks to write notes to your friends. Whether they are silly, sentimental, or a walk down memory lane, I hope you feel more connected to your person than ever.

♥️ Danielle

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