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Everything that has changed 5/12

Here we go: today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about everything that has changed Any relationship that has been around for a while will experience change. There will be graduations, moves, spouses, babies, careers, and losses. This week you get to reflect on how much your relationship has changed over the years. If you are writing to a friend you have known most of your life, it might feel pretty easy to find how your relationship has evolved. Next week we will talk about what has not changed, but it might feel good to start thinking about that as you reflect on what has. Here is a rapid fire list to help brainstorm on today’s prompt:

  • Compare how deeply you know or understand each other to when you first began your friendship

  • How have your individual lives evolved (maybe through marriages, babies, careers, or loss)?

  • What did the outside world look like when you first met?

  • How has your communication changed?

  • What do you both love now that would have surprised the younger you?

  • Was your relationship defined by something or someone in common in the beginning?

  • Think about moments that forced your relationship to grow stronger

  • Are there moments one (or both) of you really had to show up for each other in a new way?

  • Think through the emotional changes, but also let yourself reflect on the physical too. Like the cars you drove, the music you loved, your fashion, or hair color. Really reminisce.

Like most of our prompts, this one can go deep and vulnerable or light hearted and fun. Both are valid notes to your friend. ♥️ Danielle

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