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How you inspire me 10/12

Here we go, today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about how you inspire me There are so many ways to be inspired. Here is a brainstorming list to get your wheels turning about the kind of inspiration you might get from your friend. You inspire me to:

  • Be more bold

  • Laugh more

  • Try something new

  • Embody confidence

  • Take a chance

  • Be thoughtful with my words/actions

  • Love hard

  • Share more

  • Reach out a helping hand

  • Request a helping hand

  • Eat good food

  • Be playful

  • Love myself

  • Speak speak up

  • Know myself

  • Be vulnerable

  • Be more patient

  • Care about things unironically

  • Be a part of the change we need

  • Worry less

  • Try more

  • Get curious

Remember, the fun with these notes comes in the tiny moments. Noticing things we don’t always notice about ourselves, then speaking them (well, writing them) to our people. So they can recognize those things in themselves, so we can recognize it in our relationships. So don’t get caught in a loop of searching for the biggest and grandest. Maybe your friend is a good friend, a patient parent, a thoughtful community member, or a generous neighbor. Maybe they do something you wish you could do (a skill, hobby, job, talent) or maybe it is in their approach to life (how they handle good or bad news, how they deal with stress or the unknown, how they have fun). We are the company we keep. How has your life been enhanced because of your proximity to this person you hold dear? ♥️ Danielle

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