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Let's write notes to our friends!

Are you ready to start a habit of writing notes to your friends, but you need a little inspiration? Need a community of fellow writers? Need some accountability to pick up your pen when your brain it telling you that you are just too busy for human connection? I got you!

Welcome to the Slow Love Press note writing series, where we simply write notes to our friends. We will have 12 prompts crafted to be individual notes written once a week (but don't let that stop you from writing more or less often!). I am confident that during these 12 weeks you will find that writing notes is not as intensive as you are imagining it to be and the payoff (both intrinsic and reaction from your friend) is well worth the two minutes it takes. I am so happy you are here. What to Expect Each writing prompt will be a statement to get you thinking, then, because I am who I am (aka, long winded), I will add some explanation, brainstorming ideas, personal examples, tips, tricks, and reminders. Some of it will resonate and (hopefully) give you an idea for your note. Maybe you will sit down to write your note right then, maybe you will want to mull it over a bit. Whatever works. The goal is to get the note written. We often spend a lot of time thinking about doing the thing, but this series is to ACTUALLY DO THE THING!

How to Prepare You will want to decide on a couple things and pull together a few items before getting to the first prompt. Here is a list (in case you are a list person like I am).

  1. Who are you writing to? Are you going to write all 12 notes to one person? If so, perfect, this is my personal favorite way to write a note series. Pick your person and move on to the next. If not, perfect, make a quick list of the people you want to include (maybe it’s 12 different people or maybe just two or three).

  2. What are you sending? Are you sending postcards? Notecards? Writing in a journal to give at the end? Something else? All of these work. In fact, they are all fantastic. But depending on your plan, you might need to pick up some cards and stamps or a pretty little journal to gift (check out our new Connection Journals!). We will be following the prompts from our Connection Set. This set comes as pre-stamped postcards or as note cards with envelopes (option to choose a stamped version). While of course, we love our cards and highly recommend them 😉 you can use any cards you like. Just make sure you have them on hand and ready to roll for our first week!

  3. Where are they going? If you are sending cards of any sort, make sure you have the correct address ready for your person/people. Trust me, having this ready to go before you write your note will make it so much easier and more likely that your card makes it to the mailbox! You might even choose to pre-address your cards/envelopes before we get started.

Love your pen. I guess this isn’t necessary for everyone, but I’m just saying - if you love your pen you will want to write with it. There is a pen for everyone. My personal choice is the Pentel EnerGel, 0.5mm (NOT an affiliate link, I am just in love with it), I like the pearl barrel for the aesthetics. I like the extra fine tip for cards because my handwriting is already slightly sloppy, so I don’t need extra ink all over the place. But that is just my personal preference. My advice to you is to have a pen you like and know where it is. One less obstacle for note writing.

  1. Set your ambiance. You get to make this whatever you need it to be. Do you want to schedule a time to write with a candle and a cup of tea/coffee/water/wine? Make your plan, set your timeline, and hold yourself accountable to taking action.

  2. Share it out! If you are excited about this writing series, do you know anyone else who might want to join? Maybe you’ll write to each other. Even if not, having a friend doing it too is fun. And obviously, we would love it if you shared us with your community 🥰

I am so excited to write along with you. Let’s make sure our people know that they are loved. ❤️ Danielle

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