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Memories that make me laugh 7/12

It's time to lighten the mood. Today's prompt is a reminder that writing a note to your friend does not have to always be sappy and deep. So today we reflect on the silly, the memories that make us giggle, the inside jokes, and the moments you laughed so hard you cried.

Here we go: today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about memories that make me laugh

Hopefully some ideas are already flooding in. Here are a few ways you might think about today's note:

  1. Recount a funny memory from your point of view

  2. Recount a funny memory as it would be told by a narrator in a book

  3. Have an inside joke? Can you illude to it in five words or less? Let your note be just that.

Have fun with this one - well, hopefully have fun with all of them, but let go of what you think a note needs to sound today. Connection doesn't come in the stuffy and overly serious, it flourishes when we are laughing together. ♥️ Danielle

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