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Our dreams 8/12

Thank you for embarking on this journey. I hope you are feeling like you are in a groove at this point. I hope you are feeling great that your person is on your mind. I hope your person (or people) are feeling the love. Let’s get another note in the mail. Here we go, today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about our dreams An invitation with this prompt to get as small as you need. There are certainly some people that will have big and wild dreams together. Maybe a trip or a business. Maybe it’s a life you imagine together if you win the lottery. But if that isn’t resonating, think smaller for this prompt. What is your perfect day together? How could everything go just right? If you could craft a world - even just for a moment - that is made for the two of you, what does it look like? Maybe it is a call back to moments you have shared in the past (when you were in school together, when you had less responsibilities outside of each other, when you lived closer, etc.). Or maybe it is about where you would go, who you would be with, what you would do and eat, how you would play together, what the weather would be like, what you would hear, how you would feel. If you could dream it up, what would it be? Share it with your friend. Then maybe you could make a tiny piece of it come true. ♥️ Danielle

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