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The things that remind me of you 4/12

Today you have another opportunity to write a note to your friend. If you have been keeping up so far, you might have started to get into your groove. Maybe you are keeping your cards, stamps, and pen in a spot that is easy to access. Maybe you wrote your friend's address on all your cards already so you don’t have to keep finding it. Have some new tips and tricks? Share what has been working for you! It is also possible that you are struggling to make the time. Maybe it is on your mind, but you haven’t been able to sit down and get it done. That’s okay too. That is life being life. Maybe this is your week to get one card written. If it helps to know - to write a postcard will take less than three minutes. If you need to find a pen and look up an address, maybe you need five. Often it is the build up in our minds of what kind of perfect environment and big block of time we need to put in the thought and energy our friends deserve. But let me tell you something; you are overthinking it. The note that makes it to the mailbox is better than the note you have been crafting in your head for a month, but never makes it on to paper. Let it be simple and quick. Starting will feel good. Here we go: today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about the little things that remind me of you Today's prompt is all about the everyday reminders of your friendship. Like all the prompts, you get to take this anywhere you need it to go, but here are a couple of my favorite ways to use this prompt.

  1. Pick one thing and make it come to life. Maybe this is a physical item in your home that was a gift or souvenir. Describe how you feel when you see it. What you remember about the day you got it. What it represents or reminds you of. Why it holds a special place in your heart.

  2. Make a list of things you see that trigger a fond memory. I love a good list. Maybe you just write at the top of the card “I think of you whenever I . . . “ then list the things:

  • hear the song we would sing in the car

  • watch our favorite show

  • use the mug you gave me

  • put on the t-shirt we got together

  • eat the food you introduced me to

  • play our favorite game

  • take an early morning yoga class

  • drive down the street you used to live on

Once you start identifying the things in your house, music, food, activities, places that hold memories of your friendship, you might be surprised at how much will remind you of your person. ♥️ Danielle

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