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What never changes 6/12

Welcome to your halfway point in our twelve note writing series. If you aren’t on your sixth card, that’s okay. Maybe challenge yourself this week to give yourself the time to write a couple notes. If you are enjoying your regular writing session, keep it up! And maybe share your experience with a friend (or me!!). Here we go: today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about what never changes As we explored in our last prompt, any relationship that has been around for a while will experience change. This time we reflect on what remains the same even through all that change. What stays true while the conditions, times, locations ebb and flow? I like to think of this prompt as uncovering the core of your relationship – the values, the roles you play, the support you give. It is likely that if you wrote your note last week, you already have some ideas for today. It can be hard to separate out the change from the constant. So today, lean into what stays the same. Here are some ideas to get you going;

  • How do you support each other?

  • What fun do you have together?

  • Do you have something you always enjoy when you get together?

  • What do you dream about together?

  • If you live far away, are you always missing each other? Do you always wish for more time together?

  • How do you show each other love?

If you are stuck, think back on what you wrote last time. For each “what changed” do you have a “but we still” that corresponds? For example, I used to live down the street from my friend, now we live several states (and a time zone away). Last week I might have said that our addresses have changed, our states, our time zones. This week that is still true, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to each other, our willingness to make time for each other, and our desire to see each other as regularly as possible. It’s natural for things to change. But what about the two of you could you never let change? ♥️ Danielle

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