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Your smile 9/12

The sun has been shining this week and that makes me dream of the summer. Of backyard cookouts and long beach days. Of impromptu gatherings and reading books in hammocks. It may be different for everyone, but I find connecting with people is easier in the sunshine and I am ready for it. Here we go, today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about your smile The prompt says smile, but really it’s just what you think about when you close your eyes and see your friend happy, smiling, laughing. Does it evoke a specific memory – are they laughing in a memory you know? Or is it more of a feeling, an essence? When you imagine your person feeling confident, free, happy, bright, what does it feel and look like? Here is an example from my life with my people: We are dancing to music in your brand new backyard. We have just spent the day catching up, making (and eating) food, laughing and playing (our kids too). And now we have descended into the yard on a warm summer evening. Our husbands are chatting, but we are fully dancing to music too loud. And we are definitely scream singing, it’s how we roll. Later we will see the footage our husbands took and will feel a touch of embarrassment, but mostly not. But right now it’s just us, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and a warm summer evening being so happy to be together after a long stretch apart. Maybe yours is shorter or longer, more or less specific. You’ll do what is right for you and your relationship with your person. Don’t worry about taking this one too literal, just think of your friend in the best way, then write them a note. ♥️ Danielle

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