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Your strength 11/12

We are nearing the end of our writing series. I hope you have found your groove and are feeling the benefits of writing to your friend (for example, they are on your mind, they are feeling the love, you are feeling the love). As we enter into our last prompt, stay tuned to our socials and emails to learn how you can keep the writing momentum going! Here we go, today’s prompt: I’ve been thinking about your strength When you have been with people for a while you see each other through many seasons of life. You watch and support each other through wins and losses. You see how people learn and grow and evolve. Sometimes it is hard to see this in ourselves, but you are a first hand witness to the strength they possess. So today you are going to help your friend see their own strengths. Maybe you focus on one strength that is so obvious to you, but they struggle to see (or not, your confident friends deserve the reminders too). Or maybe you are going to create a list of all the ways they show their strength. This list could be attributes or you could list the moments you have witnessed their strength. This week, remind them of how amazing they are. Danielle

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